Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them 3

The travel terminus is crowded, bustling with woolly Christmas shoppers en route to a day of gift-hunting. Trying to act nonchalant, you twist and turn your head to look for the gentleman you came here to meet. The clock ticks ten past ten when you see him worming his way through the mass of people toward you, identifiable by a trilby, a trenchcoat, and fleeting glimpses you catch of decrepit leather shoes between the speeding legs of the crowd. He keeps his head down, frowning at the flagstones as he approaches until at the last moment he looks up to meet your eyes. Then, reaching into his coat, he hands you a large crinkled envelope. You transfer it rapidly into the depths of your own jacket. He gives you the slightest nod before he steps past you, around the corner, and out of sight.

You depart the terminus to work your way home down busy thoroughfares and icy alleys, putting into practice all the techniques you learned to lose your tail on the city streets. Later, safe between the peeling walls of your office room, you prise open the brown envelope and slide its contents out onto the dark, shiny surface of your desk. It’s fresh intel. Music you might have missed.


I’ve been listening to the new C418 album, ‘148’. C418, a.k.a. ‘the Minecraft music guy’, hasn’t put anything fresh out for years, but I’ve kept coming back to his music since I first heard any of it, back when Minecraft was a new thing. It’s a mix of stuff – collaborations and remixes included – which I haven’t listened to enough yet to pick out favourites or defining pieces. I like it all so far.

148 is a highly energetic and loud mouthed release full of house and drum&bass tunes. There’s a house ballad, there’s collaboration with cool artists and there’s also some surprises, like Minecraft remixes I haven’t shown anywhere else but at live shows.

While we’re in the land of videogame-related electronic music, there’s this piece that plays during the outro of every episode of Double Fine Adventure, which I recently binge-watched for some reason. It’s by Dustforce OST composer Lifeformed and it’s nice and I still like it even though it’s now permanently associated in my head with exposure to near-lethal quantities of Tim Schafer.

Jess Glynne’s ‘Hold My Hand’ is catchy, assembled from familiar bits and pieces. Her voice is, gosh, though. BOOM. Yup.

I don’t know what this next thing is. All I know is that I love doggos and I hope you do too.

Wrapping Up

The Christmas songs has descended upon us like ten feet of snow. They’re soft things, either saccharine or strangely sad, and the best ones are the ones you don’t resent hearing outside of December. My favourite Christmas song is ‘Songs of the Season’ by Soltero, which unfortunately nobody ever plays.

What’s yours?

Maybe you’ll get what you wanted this year.

Enjoy the week, folks. Get in on some of that mulled wine action.


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