Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them 4

The dimensional gate tears open. A new world beckons. The Warlock motions while she holds the portal open, shouting: “Let’s go!” The Ranger begins to walk towards it, but hesitates and stops. She turns to look one last time at the melting mountains, the crumbling skies, the yawning black crevasse opening up to swallow everything.

“It feels strange to leave,” says the Ranger. “Even though it’s falling apart.”

The Warlock struggles under the growing weight of the gate. “You’ve got to keep moving. Always!” She pants.

“I know,” the Ranger sighs. “It’s just… I felt like I’d built a home here, for the first time. Once I step through that door, there’s no looking back.”

The pressure upon the Warlock grows immense as the seconds crawl by, but she manages to give the Ranger a sympathetic look. At long last the Ranger turns and, smiling at the Warlock apologetically, steps into the gate. There is a blinding flash as she crosses over.

On the other side, sunlight blooms from between golden clouds. The Ranger catches the Warlock when she stumbles through the collapsing portal. They hold each other in silence, listening to the new world. Upon the breeze drift cheerful voices, laughter, and music.


This is the last Fantastic Beats of the year. Here are a bunch of things which hopefully you will enjoy listening to as you see 2015 out and 2016 in.

You might like Skating Polly, especially if you like Riot Grrrly music. Energetic, pissed off, all-out:

The whole album that song is from is rock solid, as is their more recent stuff. My personal relationship with riot grrrl music began when I stumbled upon some Sleater-Kinney in my mid-teens, and deepened immensely when I played Gone Home. If I have my rock history right, the late-80s to mid-90s grunge genre owed a lot to the music of young (often teenage) women picking up their instruments and bashing out aggressive, yet soulful tunes. I think it’s nice that this kind of music is living on in bands like Skating Polly.

More things:

Amanda Palmer!

White guy hip hop type stuff!

I really like Shamir’s music. Like, God damn it. God damn.

A Cup of Kindness Yet

No, I’m not letting you escape without some Auld Lang Syne. It’s about cherishing your memories with people as the years go by, even if they’re not around anymore. I used to not really get the point of the tradition of singing it at the beginning of the new year. Now, though? I won’t think a word against it.

As for resolutions, in 2016 I resolve to buy more of the music I listen to, as I feel like I could have done a better good job of supporting artists this year.

Well then. See you in 2016! I wish you all a very happy new year. <3

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