Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

I wouldn’t doubt someone if they said all post rock sounded the same to them. It kind of does. So if you’re a post rock band, I’m sorry - unless you’re Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or doing something unusual, I probably find you more or less indistinguishable musically and aesthetically from pretty much every other post rock band. The matter of which post rock bands individual people are most into seems to be more of a matter of just which one they happened upon first, their introduction to the genre. For me I guess that was Explosions in the Sky, or maybe, uh, Maybeshewill. Not 65daysofstatic. (These names are stupid.) So I hadn’t really bought or listened much to 65days’ stuff until this, the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky:

Which is actually really damn good… but don’t expect to hear anything from it that pushes the post rock boat out. It’s the same old business. That’s okay, though. It’s a perfect fit for the game.

Games do well when they use post rock in their soundtracks, I think. Have you played Spec Ops: The Line? It has a great post rock soundtrack, and really good use of Mogwai (can you misuse Mogwai?) at one point. I guess The Last of Us’s soundtrack is kinda post rock, or post rock influenced, at least: try the main theme and see if you agree.

I have to go to work now. What the hell?