Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

It happened to you too, didn’t it? It’ll be okay. Grab a beverage and relax. Listen to some music you might have missed.

I love CGI Snake. It’s this engrossing assembly of looping synthetic pulses. The rest of the album is really nice to relax to, and I heartily recommend checking out all of Chris Zabriskie’s work. It’s the tune that plays in the background in Her Story, but when I heard it outside that game for the first time I actually thought it was from the first Mass Effect game1.

Turns out I was misremembering this track:

Looped for ten minutes, it becomes quite trance-inducing.

There’s a bunch of really good chilled-out and ambient music in that game, like the galaxy map music. And who could forget Vigil? It’s so… sad? The voice of an extinct species, echoing down the millennia, awe-inspiring, but so full of grief.

Anyway. At the end of the day, sometimes, only a vaporwave compilation will do the trick:

I’ll see you next week.


  1. Which is the best one, by the way. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. 

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