Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

My ghost girl and I get along like a house on fire. We go to gigs together almost every week. She likes punk banks like the Murderburgers. Me too! It’s great. We drink craft ales in dingy basement pubs and piss in the alleyways between them.

Then, occasionally, she phases through a wall, and I remember we can’t be together that much longer.

How To Ruin Your Life

I love this album’s non-stop energy and its constant undercurrent of anger and its sense of dumbfounded helplessness at how life is turning out. Yet despite the bewilderment, despite the anger, it never quite loses its cool. Every track is an instant jumping-and-crazy-dancing-around-your-bedroom kind of a blast, is short, sweet and stays within its welcome. Magnificent stuff.


I think the first Hozier song I listened to was Take Me to Church? There’s something really impressive about his voice. His lyrics are nice. His songs are mixed like a hot bath with bubbles that you can just sink into and soak.

Also, he’s quite hot.

Anyway, I hope you’ve somehow missed out on listening to any Hozier so far, because you’re in for such a treat.

Also try From Eden, the sort of song you can hang your frustrations and life failings and hopes and dreams and less significant things on, a hatstand for your history.

That’s all for this week. Give me your listening suggestions. I deserve them. Don’t I?


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