Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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My 2016

Me on Arthur's Seat on New Year's Day

2016 was a pretty positive year for me, even though the world at large seemed determined to produce bad news. Here’s some of the big things that happened in my life this year.

I finished university

I may have graduated in November, but I was done with my time at Abertay after handing in my final project at the end of June. This was about two months after everyone else had handed in theirs. Final year is pretty hard at the best of times, and recovering from a bereavement certainly doesn’t help. At a few points I was ready to give up, but fortunately the staff at Abertay understood and allowed me to delay the final deadline so that I could focus on other stuff, like the maths exam. It simply would not have worked out any other way – I was pushing myself to the breaking point trying to do everything at once.

I made it, and I’m glad I did. The graduation ceremony, while being nothing more than a ceremony, turned out to be a nice way to bookend my time at Abertay. I’m very grateful to my teachers and the other staff, such as the university counsellors, who helped me get there.

I got a job

During my final push to complete university I continued applying to jobs as I had been throughout the year. This was quite depressing, with most applications ignored completely by overburdened hiring departments, but when all of your friends are going through the same process there’s an air of solidarity that helps to keep you going.

Eventually I applied for a junior programming role at Rockstar North, not expecting much, but found myself being offered a job less than a month later. I have not stopped feeling surprised.

I started in August and my first few months have been great. I am very lucky.

I moved back to Edinburgh

It has been very sad to leave Dundee behind. At points I’ve felt very homesick for it. I don’t expect the feeling to go away, but I’m feeling more settled in Edinburgh now that I’ve moved into a flat on the other side of town.

Living at my mum’s for three months was alright – she and I get along pretty well – but I’m glad to have ‘escaped’. There was something uncomfortable about going to work along the same route I used to take to school, or sleeping in the same bed seven year-old me used to sleep in. Now I have my own place in a different part of town and I have something like the feeling of independence I had while I was in Dundee.

My friends were awesome

And I am certain they will continue to be awesome!

It sounds a bit sappy, but it’s true. They have picked me up and put me back on my feet when I’ve been down and brought me many laughs and smiles. They all deserve the very best for 2017.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of my friends. If not, maybe you will be one day. Either way: you rock, and I wish you a happy new year!

(And I’m sure David would too.)