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Podcast Recommendations

Free internet radio shows are wonderful things, aren’t they? Here are some of my favourites, ranging on subjects from history to economics to comedy.

Hardcore History

In each episode, master storyteller Dan Carlin takes you on a deep dive into some of history’s most fascinating periods, moments and ideas. What more could you want?

This podcast is released fairly irregularly, with gaps of several months between episodes, but it doesn’t matter. The episodes, when they do arrive, are lengthy and immersive. Listening to one is like taking an extended soak in a wonderfully warm bath – you feel like a better human when you emerge.

Planet Money

A bite-sized, ~20 minute episode of NPR’s economics podcast is released about every 3 days. Sometimes it is a re-run of one from the archives, but these almost always have additional new stuff added to the end, such as brief check-ups on interviewees.

The show talks about money, what it is, what it does, where it comes from, where it goes. It’s always educational, always fun and always worth a listen.

Regular Features

This is a comedy podcast, the unsophisticated idiot kind in which a few guys make stupid, bawdy, immature jokes for roughly 40 minutes. Listening to it is almost always a highlight of my week.

99% Invisible

The design and architecture podcast with a seemingly limitless remit. Each week brings new knowledge. Roman Mars - stop and think about that name for a moment - is at the helm with his warm and welcoming voice, but regularly hands off to reporters who investigate all kinds of interesting matters, from sports bras to the origin of Monopoly.


It’s not like there are a lot of C++ podcasts. In fact, there’s really only this one, so it’s a good thing that it’s excellent. Each week Rob Irving and Jason Turner bring a guest on to talk about recent C++ news and articles, and discuss their guest’s experiences with C++.

Escape Artists Inc.

This is a collection of podcasts in which each episode is a reading of a short speculative fiction story. Escape Pod handles sci-fi, PodCastle conjures fantasy and PseudoPod horror. Each alone showcases such a diverse range of stories, authors and readers that you never know what to expect when you put your headphones on three times a week. Together the editors and producers of these three podcasts have introduced me to some of my favourite, most thought-provoking, adventurous and chilling fiction.

There is also Cast of Wonders, but I haven’t checked that one out yet.

Trash Future

Wanna listen to some lefty commie-types discuss shitty startups? This is the podcast. The cast are consistently funny - I’d recommend it as a comedy podcast first, politics podcast second.

Well There’s Your Problem

A podcast with slides (so watch it on YouTube) about engineering disasters. It’s a mess, and I love it. There’s a lot of crossover between this podcast and Trash Future. Hmm. Does this even count as a podcast?

40k BadCast

Two dudes talking about Warhammer. If you’re looking for a hobby podcast, I can’t recommend BadCast enough. Campbell and Dan are so warm and have such great chemistry that it’s charming just to hear them talk about what’s going on in their lives. They have all the right priorities about what actually matters in the hobby and the community, and I love their confidence and flare. Also, they have a segment where one of them dramatic-reads a piece of fiction and the other has to guess if it’s fanfic or not. Perfection. Kinda bawdy though.