Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Shattered Dominion Objectives and Walls and Fences

A couple weeks ago I finished painting this lovely little set of objective markers from Games Workshop. They’re all very extra, absolutely bursting with character. Can’t wait to use them in games, even just as bits of scenery.


A little further back I painted up a set of the old Walls and Fences kit from back in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles days. I always thought these pieces were friggin adorable and wanted to paint them up. I was lucky to get these free from a friend! I think I’ve done them justice.

Vanguard Objectives

Recently I painted up the Battlefield Objectives set from Mantic’s Kings of War: Vanguard range. I think these are the first Mantic minis I’ve painted.

There’s a stash of food and drink, a cannonball pile, an abandoned satchel, a box of blades, a treasure chest, a dragon egg, a dead horse-rider… and the cringe-worthy damsel-in-distress. (Perhaps I’ll create a story for her in which she goes on a rampage once free.)

My favourite parts are these nice standing stones, perfect for any battlefield:

There’s also a beacon…

… with detachable fire!

Lots of fun to paint, of course. Washes, drybrushing, all easy. Looking forward to painting more Mantic models.

Newington Cemetery

I’m lucky to live in a place I love. Part of its appeal is the leafy graveyard across the road, perfect for quick paces or leasurely strolls when I need to get out of the flat.

It’s especially beautiful right now, with the trees budding and bursting out in leaves of fresh green. The ground has a thick, shiny carpet of wild garlic. Amongst this verdance are the stones. Some are toppled, others still stand proud. There are obelisks, angels, urns and celtic knots.

Nobody has been buried here for decades, and nature has been set free to riot. Encouraged, even. The result is something special – if you’re ever on Dalkeith Road, you really should pop in.

The light does wonderful things with the ivy at dusk and dawn.

I hope you are doing well. <3


I made more terrain. Some of it is just more CD-based scatter pieces like last time. Other bits are on cardboard and foamboard bases.

The main event is the three hills I made. The bulk of these is extruded polystyrene, cut and sanded into shape, based on a sheet of foamboard, then textured with Luke’s APS sculptamold-alternative.

I learned a lot from making these. I think my main takeaway with the hills is to be more aware of what makes for a good hill gameplay-wise as I cut them into shape. These ones are okay but not ideal: measurements between figures at the bottom and the top of the slope are a little awkward and the surface is a bit too bumpy. Next time I’ll try to make some hills that have steeper slopes (easier to measure) and some that are short and gently-sloped, so they can mostly be ignored for gameplay purposes.


GoblinWatch 2020 continues with a small goblin on a big spider.

I’m not a big fan of the model, to be honest, and I kinda rushed to get it done. I hope they do a new version of it someday, like they did with the Loonboss on Giant Squig. In fact I hope they revamp the whole Spiderfang side of the Gloomspite Gitz range, I love spiders and want more of them.

Despite not really digging the model I’m looking forward to playing with him, either when The Ongoing Situation comes to an end or I crack and start trying to play Warhammer alone.