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Blood Warriors

These three fellows have been my most recent hobby project. I really like how they’ve come out.

I decided to paint their armour in strong red after painting Garrek’s Reavers, my first Khorne models, which I feel came out way too dark and desaturated. After swithering for a bit I went with the bone-coloured trim for the same reason – I didn’t think I’d be able to produce a bronze that contrasted enough with the red. As a painter I definitely prefer my colours to be bright and bold, and for there to be plenty of contrast on a miniature, so I’m glad that my chosen colour scheme satisfies both of my itches. They have a tonne of little details to pick out and sections that are difficult to paint quickly. Getting the base coats down took a long time, but it paid off the moment I finished basing and began shading.

This was also my first time using Daler Rowney’s Simply Gold Taklon Brushes, which I can recommend.

I have a soft spot for Khorne mortal models1, which are always suitably threatening, rabid-looking and have plenty of interesting shapes, as well as lots of nice little details to find. Despite all that stuff being present, my favourite part of these models is probably just the chainmail, parts of which hang down in messy strips. It’s easy to paint, and once finished adds a bit of flash and bulks out gaps in the shape of the mini.

This trio are from the Storm of Sigmar mini-starter set, which contains a small subset of the models from the big old Age of Sigmar starter set. I picked up Storm of Sigmar in a local shop because I fancied painting a handful of Stormcast and Khorne models, and shortly afterward got a good deal on the big set from a friend who was having a clear-out. Once I’ve finished all the models from Storm of Sigmar2 I’ll begin working my way through the big box. In other words: I’ll be painting Blood Warriors and sculpts like them for a few months yet. It’s a good thing I like painting them! (Although I really do need to figure out a way to make putting the base colours down faster.)

Hobbying is taking up quite a lot (read: most) of my free time these days and as a result I haven’t had much time to write about all the things I want to write about on here. Little hobby progress updates like this one feel like low-hanging blog fruit, so I might do a few more.

  1. The soft spot is hardened by the absolute absence of any women in the army. Probably my number one thing I wish GW would do is release female versions of Blood Warriors, Bloodreavers, etc. I have my fingers crossed for the rumoured Darkoath army, if it ever exists, containing some cool barbarian ladies after the style of the Warqueen

  2. I’ve done all the Stormcast, you can see them here

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