Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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I'm Back!

Hello. Things have been quiet around here for the last month or so, as I swore off writing blog posts and working on side projects in order to commit all my energy to finishing my dissertation. I submitted that yesterday, having reached the point where I could abandon it, so now I can return to the blog pilot seat, strap in, and write some bad metaphors.

Where I’m At

So I ‘finished’ my dissertation a couple months later than originally scheduled because I deferred it into the summer. I don’t know how well it’ll do and I am very pessimistic but my supervisor seemed to like it, which means one of us is insane. I’m fairly confident, at least, that it’s the best dissertation/honours project I could have done in the unusual circumstances I had to do it. I’ll write about it all soon.

The lease for the flat I lived in in Dundee for the last 3 years expired on Thursday, so I’ve moved back to Edinburgh and set up camp in my old bedroom at my mum’s house. It’s quiet here. There’s no constant noise of people in the street, chatting outside the pub, cars, trucks and buses rushing up and down the road. Just the occasional swoosh of a car, or the buzz of a lawnmower. My room is stuffed with my belongings like a bursting sack. I’m trying to create some kind of order from the chaos but there’s just so much.

What Next

Doors are open to many things. I might even have a job soon. Until then I’m going to crack on with a lot of projects, blog posts and improvements to this site. Check in with family members and friends, go for a lot of walks. Oh, and definitely squeeze in some gaming quality time. Stay tuned!

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