Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Feral Vector

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Feral Vector with Natalie. Feral is a 3-day event about games and game-adjacent things, taking place in the leafy valley village of Hebden Bridge (in Yorkshire, I think?). Over the course of the days a variety of talks and presentations are given, videogames are demoed, creative workshops are run, role-playing sessions are held, and the evenings are given over to socialising with your fellow attendees – who are, to a fault, nice as heck.

Highlights were:

  • A professional wrestling match between Videogames and Art. Really.
  • A game of Ghost Court lasting the whole afternoon, with six or so different judges cycling in and out as cases came and went. Oh, and it took place in the town’s actual courtroom. Me and Natalie played a couple of living divorcees disputing who should take custody of our pet ghost dog.
  • Making new friends and catching up with old ones!

If you get the chance to go to this thing next year or another, please do. Highly recommended.

(There should be a photo here, but I did a terrible job of taking any.)