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Hobby Plans - Early 2024

I have the next couple of months of painting all planned out, and I can’t stray too much from the plan because a lot of the painting is for meetups/leagues (i.e. there is something to keep me accountable). This means I can commit to writing a blog post about what I’m going to do, safe in the knowledge that I won’t butterfly my way off the path…

Dark Aelves

Next weekend I am hosting a Warcry event! A very small one, that is, in which me and 3 friends will be playing through the A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn short campaign. For it I’m assembling a warband from the (relatively new) Darkling Covens faction list (found here). I already have lots of painted Dark Aelves for my Cities of Sigmar army from which to assemble a warband, but I wanted to bring some Corsairs to sell the idea that the warband had sailed to Ulfenkarn on a mission, so I’m painting up:

  • A couple Black Ark Corsairs, from the enormous stash of them I have. No, I really mean enormous – at some point I acquired close to 50 of these synchronised-stepping fuckers
  • A Fleetmaster, who is actually the old metal Lokhir Fellheart model - mounted on too big a base but it shouldn’t matter too much.
  • One Darkshard because repeater crossbows are cool.

I had a chance to play a game with the warband yesterday and it was fun! The Aelves are squishy, but fast, can hit hard and have some lovely tricks up their sleeve.

Next weekend is gonna be great :grin:

Space Marines

In late February I am attending a little meetup where we will be playing Kill Team using the rules from a fan-made Badab War supplement (found here). The Badab War was a civil war between various Space Marine chapters – basically just over taxes – so is a great sub-setting if you love Space Marines and want every faction in the conflict to be Space Marines.

I do not love Space Marines.

In fact, I have made a point of expressing my dislike of them on a regular basis for many years.

Yet here I am. Sigh.

My first Space Marine. He is a reference to a Rogue Trader-era marine model who was equipped with a Shuriken Catapult, who you can see in the background.

I just want to play Kill Team and hang out with my friends, okay? So I am putting together a squad of Marines Errant, who appealed to me because they:

  • Have a really basic colour scheme.
  • Are sailors.
  • Can take xeno-tech as a special sidegrade option.

I’ve only built one model so far, and am waiting for bits to arrive to continue. There’s still plenty of time though.

Kings of War

Having played a few games of Kings of War I’m convinced I like it and want to invest more into it.Luckily we have a little grow league starting up here in Edinburgh, starting at 750 points in February and working our way up to 2000 points by July.

I already have 1000 points of Ogres, so the question is not how to start but how to continue. I think I’ll grab some of the very characterful hero models and a unit of Siege Breakers: heavily armoured ogres who will make a great anvil for the rest of the army to smite things upon. That can be my next few hundred points, and will let me run a few different lists at the lower point levels.


Another few hundred points of Wood Elves, starting with some more Glade Guard. I’m excited to get to know this game more!


I am now a proud owner of the frequently out-of-stock Gloomspite Gitz terrain piece. Having played a couple of games with it unpainted, it really does unlock the army and make it playable, so I’m glad I finally got one. I’m going to enjoy painting it, and may even put some LEDs inside it so there is an ominous glow visible beyond the cave mouth.

This is also giving me some motivation to work on more of my Gitz backlog (and get more Gitz…), but now we’re getting into the un-planned world, so I must leave this post where it is.

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