Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Marines Errant

I was planning to attend a Kill Team: Badab War event at the end of February, but in spite of my herculean efforts to swallow my anti-Space Marine pride to assemble a warband, I caught covid and couldn’t attend. Which sucked!

Nonetheless, by the time I realised I wasn’t going to make it I had already done all the hobby I needed to do, producing eight Space Marines of the Marines Errant chapter, all fresh, shiny and ready to wage civil war.

The Tactical Sergeant, leader of my kill team.

Kill Team: Badab War is a fan-made modification (module? supplement? hack?) for Kill Team based on the Badab War: a historical conflict in the Warhammer 40,000 setting in which various Space Marine chapters went to war with each other over taxes. It is available as a PDF in which there are special rules for assembling Space Marine kill teams from the various chapters who took part.

Once I had decided to attend the meetup I thumbed through the PDF and settled upon the Marines Errant chapter, who appealed because they are sailors (hello) and can make use of xenotech (alien weaponry).

The Tactical fireteam. The shuriken catapult counts as a bolter.

I was lucky to be given sprues for Mark VI marines by my friend Pete (AKA Fiyenyaa). I have a soft spot for beaky Marines, so that was a great start. After that, I bought bases and bits from eBay, chose Fafnir Rann to convert into my Void War Veteran (a specialist available to the Marines Errant), and sourced some Eldar bits from my own bits box.

A Breacher with an Eldar fusion gun, which counts as a slightly better melta gun which can explode and hurt the user. It may seem non-codex compliant at first glance, but there’s a purity seal, so it’s okay.

I got to stretch my kitbashing, conversion and sculpting muscles on this project. These are not normally things I do a lot of. Kara helpfully guided me through the process of giving my Tactical Sergeant a tabard using a small bit of aluminium sheet (from a Coke can) and green stuff, and how to make purity seals from green stuff and thin metal sheet (copper I think?).

The Void War Veteran, a support operative joining the kill team to help out.

The freehand on the shoulder pads (and elsewhere on the Void War Veteran) was another strike into unfamiliar territory for me. It took me a lot of patience and attempts even though it is a very simple insignia.

The Breacher fireteam.

Maybe one day I will get to play Kill Team: Badab War with them as intended.

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