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Hobby Plans - Mid 2024

It’s May and I’m figuring out how I want to spend my hobby and gaming time over the remainder of spring and the summer.

Kings of War Ogres

I was hoping to be further ahead with my Ogres by now, but I have my next 500 points built and waiting to be primed.

  • Siege Breaker horde (5 models)
  • Paymaster
  • Goblin Sharpstick regiment (~10 models)
  • Goblin Biggit on Mawbeast

I am hoping to get all these done over the next fortnight, just in time for some 1500 point games later this month.

Once I’m done with these I’ll figure out how to make it to 2000 points. It seems like many Kings of War events use higher points caps (e.g. 2200) so it’s likely I’ll have to do more if I want to go along to tournaments, but 2000 points will do for now.

Age of Sigmar

4th edition is looming and it sounds good. It’s quite likely I’ll pick up the launch box and paint my way through that when the time comes – I guess July? In the meantime I’m keen to get ready in other ways, focusing my efforts on the new small-scale game mode, Spearhead.

Stormcast Eternals

To be able to run the Stormcast Eternals Spearhead I need a Stormstrike Chariot and a unit of Vanquishers. I have the former, on sprue, waiting to be built, but I’ll have to buy a box of the troops.

It’s been years since I painted any Stormcast. I’ve been really missing them!

Gloomspite Gitz

To run the Gloomspite Gitz Spearhead I need to paint up a Loonboss and a unit of Rockgut Troggoths. I already have a lot of Stabbas and Squig Hoppers, so they’re ready to go already, although I’d like to spend some time updating and improving the Stabbas because I painted them all a long time ago.


I have big hopes for Magewinds, my own scrappy little skirmish game, this year. I’m even starting to plan a meetup for November-ish, so I want the game to be as good as possible by then. Consequently I’ll be spending a lot of my hobby time doing development work: designing and testing rules, writing lore, drawing art, and so on.

It’s going to be a busy summer in a lot of ways, so I’m glad to have plenty of hobby lined up to relax with :smile:

What are your hobby plans for the middle of the year?

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