Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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A few days ago I went to Walsall for yet another lovely weekend of socialising and miniature wargaming with the Discord hobby community I am a part of, Rollmodels1. This time for our venue we descended upon an old favourite, Board In Brum, although this was my first time at their current location2. It remains a great destination for wargaming, with many tables, shedloads of terrain, a well-stocked shop and a crowd of friendly regulars.


Warmaster Wood Elves

This project has pushed by miniature photography skills to their limit.

Warmaster was one of several short-lived Games Workshop systems released during its late-90s-mid-2000s Lord of the Rings-license boom era. It depicted 10mm-scale armies fighting grand-scale battles in the Warhammer Fantasy Old World setting and, like many of its contemporaries (Epic, Mordheim…), its appeal has long outlived its official rules and models support, which crawled along for over a decade before rattling its death in the early 2010s. Nowadays the game is kept alive by a devoted community of fans playing and developing the unofficial Warmaster Revolution ruleset, buying/selling/trading old official models, and creating new unofficial models and even whole new unofficial armies through the wonders of 3D printing.


Ding! 30

Today I turned 30. Which feels good, I think?1.

A lot of things, good and bad, happened in my 20s. I learned a great deal, but I still seem be growing, developing, changing. Even just in the last year I have experienced so much change! That has been a Lot, sometimes, but it’s all going in a good direction. I’m looking forward to seeing how I continue my little journey for the next decade, figuring out what I like, doing things, making things, learning things…

Mostly I’m excited to see how my friendships continue and how new ones come along. The way my friends grow and change. Yesterday evening I hosted a party at my flat and was overjoyed to have friends arrive, chat, be merry, and eat my delicious cake. I promise myself lots and lots more of that to come.

Anyway. Yes. 30 years, good!

  1. Although I think I’m coming down with a cold. The first cold of my 30s, on day one! The humanity!