Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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I have a lot of hobby blogging to catch up on. I’m not going to do it all, but I’ll cover some of the big things.

In July, fancying a big treat, I picked up the Lumineth Realm-Lords limited edition launch box. It contained 10 Wardens (spearmen), 5 Dawnriders (cavalry), the Light of Eltharion (a named hero), the battletome and some assorted special tokens and wotsits.

Despite my glowing weak spot for elves of all sorts, I really wasn’t sure I liked the Lumineth model range until a particular colour scheme popped into my head and I needed to try it out. It took a bit of experimentation, but fortunately it turned out quite well! I’m excited to see how it will look on other models and how I can improve it over time.

I’m really excited to see Lumineth on the tabletop and what they bring to the Age of Sigmar setting. I want to see the other elemental warriors and spirits, the remaining 4 Great Nations, the other kinds of Scinari.

Having said all that, I’m not in a hurry to pick up any new models. They’re rather pricey and I have too many other things to buy, build and paint already. I can see myself building up this force slowly over time. In the meantime, I might come back to these models and make a few small adjustments. On inspection, there’s some things I missed that I’d like to tidy up.


Recently I painted up 9 of Fireforge Games’ Living Dead Peasants. Me and a friend went half-and-half a box of these that was being sold cheaply by North Star because the packaging was messed up, or something. All I know is I got to build and paint some very high-quality medieval zombies for a very low price. Here they are:

Building them was totally painless. There were no spindly connections or snappable bits, just good solid plastic that takes plastic glue well. They painted up easily with a quick messy zenithal undercoat followed by some splodges of Contrast paint and a wash of Agrax Earthshade over the tattered clothing.

This is a great wee kit and I’m sure they’ll see use in a variety of games. I hope I get to sample some more of Fireforge’s offerings in the future. Perhaps some more of their Living Dead? Or maybe something from the Northern Kingdom range?

(Man, it feels good to be writing a little hobby update again.)

Shattered Dominion Objectives and Walls and Fences

A couple weeks ago I finished painting this lovely little set of objective markers from Games Workshop. They’re all very extra, absolutely bursting with character. Can’t wait to use them in games, even just as bits of scenery.


A little further back I painted up a set of the old Walls and Fences kit from back in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles days. I always thought these pieces were friggin adorable and wanted to paint them up. I was lucky to get these free from a friend! I think I’ve done them justice.

Vanguard Objectives

Recently I painted up the Battlefield Objectives set from Mantic’s Kings of War: Vanguard range. I think these are the first Mantic minis I’ve painted.

There’s a stash of food and drink, a cannonball pile, an abandoned satchel, a box of blades, a treasure chest, a dragon egg, a dead horse-rider… and the cringe-worthy damsel-in-distress. (Perhaps I’ll create a story for her in which she goes on a rampage once free.)

My favourite parts are these nice standing stones, perfect for any battlefield:

There’s also a beacon…

… with detachable fire!

Lots of fun to paint, of course. Washes, drybrushing, all easy. Looking forward to painting more Mantic models.

Newington Cemetery

I’m lucky to live in a place I love. Part of its appeal is the leafy graveyard across the road, perfect for quick paces or leasurely strolls when I need to get out of the flat.

It’s especially beautiful right now, with the trees budding and bursting out in leaves of fresh green. The ground has a thick, shiny carpet of wild garlic. Amongst this verdance are the stones. Some are toppled, others still stand proud. There are obelisks, angels, urns and celtic knots.

Nobody has been buried here for decades, and nature has been set free to riot. Encouraged, even. The result is something special – if you’re ever on Dalkeith Road, you really should pop in.

The light does wonderful things with the ivy at dusk and dawn.

I hope you are doing well. <3