Moments of Inertia by Rachel Crawford

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Here is a list of basically every project I’ve taken the time to document somewhat on this site. Includes personal projects, collaborative efforts and uni work.



A tabletop miniature skirmish wargame in which everyone is a wizard. You can check it out and get all the rules on the game’s official website.




Quiver is a cross-platform pseudo-3d game engine I was writing in my spare time in C++. It grew out of the Box2D raycasting experiment I wrote about here and here and became quite a fruitful learning project. You can check out the source code at the GitHub repository.

Interstellar Soirée (Global Game Jam 2016)

Space diplomacy. Jam theme: ‘Ritual’. Made with Dziek Dyes-Bolt (programmer), Tone Persson, Callum Fowler (artists), Chris D’Arcy (audio).

Nomad (unfinished prototype) (2015)

Space exploration with an unconventional movement system.

Flappy Word (October - December 2015)

Typing-based Flappy Bird clone

AMPS (January - August 2015)

Neon musical platformer in which objects in the world move to the beat of the music.

  • 3rd year group project gone big. The full story is too long to recite here.
  • 8 months of development
  • 7 team members: 3 programmers, 2 sound designers, 1 level designer, 1 artist
  • Contributed to engine, gameplay and audio-handling code; implemented synchronisation of game objects with the music, which can be sped up and slowed down; managed the audio asset pipeline.
  • Demoed to the public for 4 days at our own booth at the Dare Indie Showcase.
  • C++, Sony’s PhyreEngine
  • Platforms: Windows (requires DirectX 11), PS4
  • Visit the page for more information and to download.

Spirit Shift (August 2014)

Endless runner with world-shifting mechanic.

Graphics Programming

Water (2014)

  • DirectX 11, C++
  • Part 1 of my Graphics Programming with Shaders coursework (Download)
  • Water plane is tessellated. Waves formed by manipulating vertices in the domain shader. Normal map used to add some noisiness to the surface.
  • Water reflects the skybox cubemap
  • Bonus: full-screen pixelation effect (the easiest full-screen effect to write!)

Compute Shader Voxel Space (2014)

More deets in the video description. Also this.

  • DirectX 11, C++
  • Part 2 of my Graphics Programming with Shaders coursework (Download)
  • Compute shader port of the ‘voxel space’ rendering algorithm implementation on display at Simulation Corner

Other Programming

Procedural Walker (2015)

More notes in the video description.

  • Autodesk Maya. Plugin written using the C++ API, which I learned by myself because it wasn’t covered in the module. A sprinkling of Python and MEL.
  • Made for the Scripting and Dynamics coursework

Leg Auto-Rigger (2014)

  • Autodesk Maya. Python script.
  • Chose to build this for my Tech Art coursework
  • Demo video